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Meet the Team

EMC2 delivers sound architectural solutions that help clients grow into the sturdy organizations they aspire to be. Here is the team that helps accomplish that.

Brick's Headshot
Brick with horse

Brickman "Brick" Allen


Dave's Headshot
Dave and family

Dave Gornik, DBIA, LEED AP

Chief Operating Officer

Scott's Headshot
Scott and family

Scott Lutes, RA, AIA

Sr. Vice President

Todd's headshot
Todd with guitar

Todd Kuenning, RA, AIA


Fredy's Headshot
Fredy outdoors

Fredy Pimentel


Derron's headshot
Derron and family

Derron Bowyer


Dominic Monacchio, RA


Michelle's headshot
Michelle with family

Michelle Stufflebeam

Executive Assistant

Jae at Track

Jae Van Anne

Business Development Manager

Richard's headshot

Richard Clutter, RA, AIA, REFP, LEED AP

Project Manager

Gina's headshot
Gina and husband

Gina Alvarado

Office Manager

Lara's headshot
Lara and family

Lara Bateman


Samantha's headshot
Samantha in Paris

Samantha Tejada

Marketing Manager

Charles' headshot
Charles outdoors

Charles Lemasters, RA

Project Manager

Jane's headshot
Janet outdoors

Janet Verch

Asst. Project Manager

Jason's headshot
Jason with Robot arms

Jason Fowers

Project Manager

Chuy's headshot
Chuy with family

Jesus "Chuy" Ortega

Project Manager

Masuda's headshot

Masuda Yasmin

Project Manager

George's headshot
George and family

George Emerson

Project Manager

tom's headshot

Tom Bottomley, RA

Project Manager

Eric's headshot
Eric Hiking

Eric Welzien

Asst. Project Manager

Solana's headshot
solana and family

Solana Pearson

Asst. Project Manager

Anthonette's headshot
Anthonette in NY

Anthonette Sandoval

Interior Designer

Anthony's headshot
Anthony playing billards

Anthony Johnson

Asst. Project Manager

Sam's headshot
Sam at beach

Sam Avila

Construction Administrator

Nick's headshot
Nicholas with girlfriend

Nicholas Becerra

Asst. Project Manager

Lance's headshot
Lance and wife

Lance Brown

Construction Administrator

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