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Gina Alvarado

Gina has been with EMC2 since 1994, and her beautiful smile is the first you encounter when you walk through our door, and her cheerful voice is the one you hear when calling our office. She is our Office Manager and keeps us all on our toes!

Her favorite Arizona building is the Boys and Girls Club Building on West 6th Avenue in Mesa. She has fond memories of her sons playing basketball there; the building was in disrepair with old, wooden bleachers, and no central heating in the gym, but the staff dealt with the facility to make sure the children had fun and felt welcomed. Even under the horrible conditions, she remembers seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces when they played — as if they were playing in a real arena.

When Gina’s not at work, she’s spoiling her grandchildren, planning the next adventure with her husband, or relaxing with a fishing pole in her hand, or putting cookies in the oven. Gina is an avid sports enthusiast and loves college basketball, professional football, and major league baseball. Her favorite motivational quote? It’s a toss-up between “If you pray, why worry. If you worry, why pray?”, “Stand Strong,” and “A Bible with its pages falling apart belongs to a person whose life isn’t.”

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