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Jason Fowers

When Jason’s high school mechanical drafting class competitions didn’t seem as interesting as the auditoriums and coliseum designs the architectural teams were submitting, he developed a laser focus on preparing for his college education in architecture. He politely declined other career opportunities, as he only had eyes for architecture.

Jason started in the design and construction industry in 1994 and has never looked back. His career has provided many types of experience, including high-end residential, large medical tenant improvements, medium-sized commercial structures such as dental offices, and multi-story tenant improvement projects. He has also worked on large historical renovation and rehabilitation projects. Before joining EMC2 as a Project Manager, he owned his own multi-person design firm.

He and his wife Kathy love to travel and enjoy archetypes and historical spots. His favorite Arizona structure is Montezuma Castle, built high up into the side of a mountain wall. He appreciates how the design provided an excellent way to stay out of the elements, as well as providing safety from whatever was below. He still enjoys sculpting and making models. His hobby of 3D printing has taken many turns; he now owns seven printers of different types and teaches “Additive Manufacturing” at a local college at night. “I love to see the students get so excited (like I still do) realizing that it is now in their reach to make their own virtual ideas into actual usable pieces.”

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