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Nicholas Becerra

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Nick journeyed to Arizona where he received his Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Architecture degree from Arizona State University. Throughout the years, Nick has always been passionate about designing and crafting. He likes to admire and study the simple and comprehensive aspects of a design. Since moving to Arizona, for over six years now, his favorite building has been the Burton Bar Central Library. He had the opportunity to examine the structure throughout for a school project, he appreciated all design aspects that were incorporated to the library design. Outside of Arizona, Nick’s favorite building is The Shed located in Manhattan, New York due to its impressive telescoping shell.

Outside of work, he still enjoys rooting for his favorite LA-based sports teams. He also enjoys watching various tv shows and spending time with his family and dog. His hobbies include crafting, sports, video games, and sightseeing.

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