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Scott Lutes, RA, AIA

Scott is a calm and steady architect, as comfortable with planning and preparing documents as much as construction. You can count on Scott’s attention to detail and listening skills. As they say, “still waters run deep,” and Scott has probably figured out how challenges could be overcome while others are still gathering data. He became an architect because he loves to draw and be in and around construction, a perfect match – Scott says, “The best part is seeing the physical completion of something that was in your head.” There’s a lot of passion behind his quiet demeanor. Scott has been in the architecture business since 1984 and is a Principal with the firm.

He enjoys tinkering with dirt bikes and trucks with his sons and then enjoys when his whole family goes camping and riding. Thank goodness his wife is a registered nurse. A die-hard Denver Broncos fan, he dreams of owning a 1969 Camaro someday. With a personal motto of “JUST DO IT,” no doubt he will eventually own one. The simple massing and powerful yet elegant and amazing details of the Mesa Arizona Tempe, completed in 1927, make this building his favorite.

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