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Brickman “Brick” Allen

Brick has always been fascinated with buildings, which was sparked at a very young age when his father designed and built their family home in Mesa. He loved looking at his dad’s drawings and was amazed at how all the lines and shapes became a reality. He says his favorite Arizona buildings are those built by ancient inhabitants; Canyon de Chelly, Montezuma Castle, and other ancient dwellings are sights to behold.

As the President of EMC2, Brick is responsible for bringing the firm’s vision to life through excellent project delivery and reliable client service. He brings more than 15 years of experience leading firms and teams in the Southwest.

With four active teenagers, his “life outside of work” is very full. He and his wife can often be found at sporting events or other school or church functions. When life wasn’t quite so hectic, his hobbies included training horses; now he enjoys doing carpentry and other household activities on weekends. He might even be a little obsessed with smoking meats and grilling the perfect steak.

Finally, Brick is passionate about working with teenagers and has been privileged to travel all over the world, speaking with youth and adults about subjects that are hard for many to discuss: mental health and suicide prevention. He advocates for mental health, individual development, and positive culture change.

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