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Tom Bottomley, RA

Tom has been an AZ Registered Architect since 1992, and his love for architecture and construction spans over 44 years. He enjoys all aspects of the work, from the beginning of a dream and idea to its physical manifestation, with the project owner’s ongoing enthusiasm in living and experiencing that dream. He values all great design solutions, whether they be simple and elegant, or highly complex, especially those connecting indoor and outdoor space environments in ways that blur the lines and transitions, creating a continuous flow of discovery and rediscovery. Well-conceived and executed architecture has the power to bring about creativity and systems that inspire, delight, enrich, and nurture a sense of belonging in the present, and positive change in the lives of generations to come.

He enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, hot rods and motorsports, music, graphic and theatre arts, calligraphy, moviegoing, outdoor living and exploration, and seeing people go after and succeed with their dreams.

Favorite quote:
“We’re all just walking each other home. It’s me helping people, and it’s people helping me too. We don’t always have to do it by ourselves. We were never meant to. Have the courage to be vulnerable, kind, and forgiving of ourselves, and others. We’re not here to be right. We’re here to get it right.”
~ Brene’ Brown

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