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Michelle Stufflebeam

Michelle loves spending time with her husband grown children. They are always up for outdoor adventures, including off-roading and camping! When they aren’t out-side, they love to game—be it card games, board games, or online gaming. Michelle is a long-time softball player—playing four times a week.

The culture and mission of EMC2 drew Michelle into the world of architecture. Her first encounter with the companies President—Brick—was very insightful and seeing him speak about his passion for the company and the people firsthand made it easy for her to decide to join the team.

Michelle’s favorite building in Arizona is the Chapel of the Holy Cross (Chapel on the Rocks) in Sedona. It’s not only her favorite because of the spiritual connection but also because the surrounding landscape is beyond beautiful!

Her (hobbies) passion is party planning, organizing homes, and DIY crafts. Michelle could eat sushi almost every day! She enjoys all sports, and normally roots for the underdogs! Her baby is her Jeep Grande Cherokee, nicknamed Black Betty, and she likes to speed!

Michelle’s mantra: “Faith over Fear”

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