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Red Mountain Library THINKspot

21st century libraries celebrate technology, connection and collaboration.

Looking for a way to keep their libraries vital and relevant is critical as the City of Mesa transitions into the digital age. EMC2 was challenged to create an engaging space for the new small business incubator program at Red Mountain Library.

Currently named “THINKspot,” this renovation combined two meeting rooms into a new space that offers library patrons the opportunity to collaborate, research, and create their own digital content. THINKspot provides a living room/home office environment where individuals, as well as small and large groups, can gather to work on projects.

Technology Drives Today’s Libraries

Using library-provided wireless connectivity, 2D and 3D printers, video monitors and a small video production studio, patrons now share information and designs, create videos and podcasts, host lectures, attend seminars and work in an environment that promotes interaction and collaboration.

In addition to the video production studio, two small conference rooms can be split off from the main area using folding glass walls. Groups can rearrange couches, upholstered chairs, and mobile tables to accommodate different sizes and settings. Digital projectors and small video monitors also allow for small and large group presentations to easily share data among collaborating groups.

Project Gallery

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