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Eastern Arizona College Student Learning Center

Today’s college students thrive in open learning spaces that encourage engagement and conversation.

Eastern AZ College (EAC) invested $1.4 million into the renovation of the existing Alumni Library into the Student Learning Center to improve student success. Adding to the printed library materials available, students have access to the latest information through the multi-media environment. The existing space was transformed into a vibrant center for tutoring and studying, student collaboration and interaction, and computer resources. The building now provides 27 individual and group study rooms, a lounge, a quiet study area with individual carrels, and a comfortable reading niche. A repurposed upper level supports additional learning and tutoring. Staff and students now enjoy new lighting and interior finishes, along with repaired exterior finishes and new exterior windows.

"This renovation creates a 21st-century learning environment with resources that better serve our students, faculty, and the community."

Todd Haynie, EAC President

Project Gallery

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