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Arizona Western College, Matador Activity Center

Higher education students need more than bricks and mortar. Arizona Western College commits to delivering an amazing student experience characterized by a connected community within which students are encouraged, challenged, and feel they belong.

Arizona Western College (AWC) serves more than 11,000 students annually, across 12 locations statewide, offering over 100 degrees and certifications.  This new two-story, 45,000 SF Student Center is student-focused and provides a hub where students are encouraged to take a break, study, enjoy a meal, and engage with their peers and community. 

The new facility includes a lecture hall that is open to community events, and classrooms, game areas, and a state-of-the-art Multimedia Center and e-Sports arena.

The Multimedia Center’s teaching and learning environment consist of a new AM/FM radio station and television studio with an emphasis on technology.  Students and the public can observe “behind the scenes” production through glass walls and TV monitors.  The RGB-lighted eSports arena invites the public to watch a collegiate-level gaming match on TV monitors installed throughout the space. 


The Matador Activity Center (MAC) provides honors students a sanctuary to collaborate, study, and work on group projects; a food pantry and clothing program for disadvantaged students; and a 13,000 SF administrative space on the second floor.

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